Patient Stories

To learn more about clinical trials as a cancer treatment option and the stories of those patients who have participated in them, read these patient stories or watch their videos.

Linda Medcalf, Breast Cancer story

"...The care and treatment I received was outstanding. Today, 12 years later, I am well, I am strong and I see evidence of significant treatment advances that were made because of cancer clinical trials like the ones I participated in just a few years ago."

Linda Medcalf, Breast Cancer

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Sue Duyser, Breast Cancer story

"I'm alive today because of the combination of drugs made available only through my cancer clinical trial. Not only did a clinical trial save my life, it changed the way we treat breast cancer today, thereby saving many lives."

Sue Duyser, Breast Cancer

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Max Gibbs, Cancer Prevention story

"With four sons and sons-in-law and five grandsons, I became involved in clinical trials to prevent prostate cancer for them. To protect the next generation from cancer, we must work now for a cure."

Max Gibbs, Cancer Prevention

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Marty Smith, Cancer Prevention story

"I needed to move beyond the 'wait and treat philosophy'. Through clinical trials, we will obtain the ultimate goal — cancer prevention."

Marty Smith, Cancer Prevention

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Sue Schroder, Follicular Lymphoma story

"I chose the most aggressive treatment and joined a clinical trial. Patients who have hope do better. Today the cancer is in complete remission ... Here’s to hope and the road less traveled."

Sue Schroder, Follicular Lymphoma

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Tom Felten, Follicular Lymphoma story

"I carefully considered both traditional treatment and a cancer clinical trial. I'm so glad I chose the clinical trial. Six months later my cancer was in remission!"

Tom Felten, Follicular Lymphoma

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Ron Kaley, Kidney Cancer story

"After surgery for incurable kidney cancer, my oncologist recommended a clinical trial as my best option, and he was right. It's great to have another chance."

Ron Kaley, Kidney Cancer

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Ellie Wilcox, Leukemia (ALL) story

"“I recall saying to my family: If I have to endure this treatment, I would feel good knowing a trial might make a difference for another child having to experience this. ”"

Ellie Wilcox, Leukemia (ALL)

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Sherri Schut, Ovarian Cancer story

"Joining a clinical trial was the best way to fight the cancer as aggressively as I could. Now, 15 years later, I'm cancer-free, and I hope my journey has helped others."

Sherri Schut, Ovarian Cancer

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Pat Gavin, Throat Cancer story


Pat Gavin, Throat Cancer

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