Sue Duyser

Sue's story

Sue was in the shower one sunny morning when she found a small lump in her breast. Her husband, Ward, advised her to go get a mammogram right away, which she did, along with an ultrasound.

Her doctor told her it was just a cyst, so she immediately got a second opinion. The second doctor concurred with the first. Nine months later, she was totally out of energy and the lump had grown to the size of a walnut.

A friend (and cancer survivor) told her to get back to the doctor, and it finally was discovered that Sue had breast cancer.

The Diagnosis

Sue was diagnosed with stage 3, grade 3 breast cancer. She thought she was going to die.

Clinical Trials

Sue enrolled in a cancer clinical trial that compared current standard of care chemotherapy with standard of care plus 1 additional drug. She is sure the treatment, though difficult, saved her life. She is equally convinced her clinical trial has saved the lives of many others.

Life Now

"Fighting and beating the cancer in my body has given me an inner strength to battle life’s other hardships, like losing my husband to Muscular Dystrophy," Sue says.

"It has given me a true appreciation of life and good health, family and friends. I spend quality time with my children and grandchildren at every opportunity and truly treasure my dear friends."

"Women newly diagnosed with cancer call me to ask 'how did you do it?' and 'what can I do?' I tell them to look for a clinical trial first and then jump in with the boxing gloves on. I tell them there is hope and there is happiness after cancer. After all, look at me now!"

"I'm happy enjoying the beautiful outdoors, both in Michigan and abroad, taking hikes to notice where the eagles' nests are, going to art shows with my grandchildren, taking my granddaughter to live theater and thoroughly loving seeing her on stage. I've traveled to Spain and love the pace of life the Europeans seem to have. I'm spreading my wings to take in all that this world has to offer in its abundance, and loving every minute of it."

Sue Duyser

Breast Cancer