Ron Kaley

Ron's Story

Ron developed back pain and thought he had hurt his back doing some heavy lifting. After a couple of weeks treating himself, he went to his primary physician, who began treating him for a strained back. After a couple of months of no real pain relief, Ron was sent for an MRI, which showed a problem with his left kidney. A CT scan showed a mass on the kidney, and Ron was referred to a surgeon and oncologist. A plant manager in the office furniture industry, Ron’s focus would quickly change.

The Diagnosis

In 2003 the left kidney was removed and Ron was diagnosed with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage IV, with life expectancy of about two years. As there is no known cure for this type of cancer, Ron's best option was to take part in a clinical trial.

Clinical Trials

Ron enrolled in a Phase II Trial of 2 chemotherapy drugs. After six weeks another CT scan was performed and it showed the cancer was greatly reduced, almost completely gone.

Life Today

"I continue to be on the clinical trial going for an infusion treatment every other week, and taking one pill a day. I have very little side effects, and the treatments continue to keep my cancer in check," Ron says. "It will be eight years in 2011 that I am a survivor."

Now retired, he plays golf with his two grandsons, works projects around his house and garden, and takes several long trips a year with his wife. His favorite is the trip to the Bob Hope Classic in January.

He volunteers his time to promote cancer clinical trials. "The clinical trial has saved my life. It is giving me more time with my family, watching my grandsons grow, and enjoying every day of my retirement."

Ron Kaley

Our Clinical Trials

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Cancer clinical trials are research studies for developing better ways of detecting, treating, and eventually preventing cancer.

Clinical trials are not risk free. Everyone needs to explore the options that are best for their individuals needs. Talk to your physician regarding cancer clinical trials right here in west michigan. Read more on clinical trials.